New York School of Interior Design

Upper East Side, New York, New York
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Mission Statement

New York School of Interior Design prepares its students to lead the profession by providing a deep and broad education to aspiring interior designers and working professionals, drawing upon expert faculty, current tools and technology, and close industry relationships.

Vision Statement

New York School of Interior Design is a global leader in interior design education, impacting the profession through innovative curricula and strategic collaborations, with graduates placed in positions of influence around the world.


New York School of Interior Design values:

  • The quality of human life in the built environment
  • The “spark” to be found within each student
  • The rich history of the institution and the design profession
  • The special opportunities afforded by NYSID’s NYC location
  • A setting that fosters creative thinking, collaboration and collegiality among students, faculty & staff
  • Small and focused learning environments, both digital and experiential
  • The expertise and commitment of the faculty and staff
  • Both conceptual and applied design
  • Respect for the environment and sustainable practices
  • A strong grounding in the liberal arts as an essential part of a designer’s education
  • A foundation of respect for oneself, others, and the greater world
  • Engagement with local and global communities

Reviews of New York School of Interior Design

(70 Reviews)


Attended: Introduction to Interior Design

The class was great!


Attended: Sketching Techniques for Interior Designers

Great Teacher!

Marcia L.

Attended: Brand Building for Your Design Practice

Very good class, very professional and knowledgeable teacher . I just wish that we had more time and more classes to explore Branding.

Amandha Gaio S.

Attended: Brand Building for Your Design Practice

The teacher is amazing! She has a lot of knowledge and is very helpful!

Arman A.

Attended: Basic SketchUp

Amrapali was a great instructor! I would suggest if you see some one is the class is learning quicker then others you incentivize that person to assist the instructor and give them a discount off the advance/intermediate follow up course so she can cover more ground in the 3 classes.


Attended: Basic SketchUp

Great class for absolute beginners.

Daphne M.

Attended: Introduction to Interior Design

Pamela was an awasome teacher. I have a nice little taste of what it will imply studying interior design.


Attended: Unveiling the Color Scheme Mystery

An enjoyable, practical class that I can put to good use. Alejandra is very knowledgeable and engaging.


Attended: The Not-So-Secret Art of Choosing Color

Very useful, very enjoyable class. Alejandra was a wealth of knowledge and very engaging.


Attended: Styling the Interiors Photoshoot

This class was extremely instructive. The teacher is passionate by his job and he shares his enthusiasm really well. He gave us many tips to use as interior designers. I, highly, recommend this class. However, the school is as messy as usual : we spent 20 minutes in a classroom that was not the right one... The course had started in a different location. Thanks to one of the students, we were aware of the issue, but me missed a part of the course. Typical, at NYSID...

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New York School of Interior Design
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170 E 70th St
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