Lauren Perkins & Christina Vuleta

Teaches at General Assembly

Lauren Perkins is a brand marketer and digital evangelist. Best known for her innate ability to distill the simple from the complex, she has provided solutions for start-ups and consumer brands including, Laser Cosmetica, Crunch Fitness, eDiets, Laura Mercier, 85Broads, Cookstr, and Pfizer. An entrepreneur at heart and problem-solver by trade, Lauren is the CEO and Founder of Perks Consulting, a digital brand and marketing agency focused on enabling clients with the digital and strategic competence to deliver fluid, high performance customer experiences. Lauren is also a contributor to Inc., Forbes Women, and regularly teaches at General Assembly. Christina Vuleta is a Managing Director at Perks Consulting. She has always been interested in how insights turn into ideas that leverage the forces changing the marketplace for increased customer relevance and market traction. Christina honed her commercial acumen consulting for an innovation company on projects in the technology and luxury space and has a rich background working with CPG companies such as Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and Kimberly Clark.

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