Liz Adelman

Teaches at General Assembly

Liz Adelman is the founder of “PitchPolish”, a communications practice focusing on the unique challenges that face startup entrepreneurs: pitching and presenting themselves, their products, and companies. She provides private training sessions and group workshops, cultivating the voices of her clients and empowering them to have memorable and effective relationships and impressions with investors, customers, and co-workers.
Her personal feedback, proven exercises, creative design, and efficient rehearsals have transformed her clients into confident communicators; free of fear and packed with power. Liz is a mentor of the gaming accelerator program YetiZen , The Silicon Valley Accelerator Center, Santa Monica New Tech, and she has independently consulted with many companies including: Clinton Global, The Tony Blair Faith Foundation, Electronic Arts, Zynga, Capcom, Laundry Locker, Brag Art, Glass And Water Consulting, Tagged, and Open mHealth. Her varied experience in Live Theater, Marketing, and Public Relations enable her to create tailored, impactful solutions for her clients. Liz is an improv actress, director, and producer having performed with Leela Theater, Weeping Willows, and The Show to name a few. She has provided spokesperson talent for NBC, Verizon Wireless, Nissan, SF Weekly, IM Magazine, Swagg, AirBnB, and others. Liz is passionate about working with entrepreneurs to help them overcome their personal obstacles and create meaningful communications in the future.

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