David Napoli

Teaches at General Assembly

David Napoli has worked with healthcare-related data for 17 years as an analyst, actuary, statistician, research manager, and director. His experience includes evaluation and outcomes studies, ROI analysis, IBNR determination, predictive modeling, risk adjustment methodologies, advanced data visualization, dashboard design and implementation, database development and management, and identifying and evaluating trends and forces in data. David has extensive experience working with claims data, including for Medicaid, Medicare, and Commercial lines of business. He recently held positions of Director of Performance Improvement & Strategic Analytics for a co-op healthcare insurance company and Director of Planning & Analytics for a community health program. David’s educational background includes Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in aeronautical engineering (yes – he was a rocket scientist), and early in his career he realized he desired to concentrate his professional efforts in an industry focused on helping people more than his fondness for space exploration. He also recently completed coursework towards his doctorate in Health Services Research with a focus on Biostatistics at the University of Colorado School of Public Health (All but Dissertation).

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