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Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York
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Think Olio connects passionate teachers with unique venues and life-long learners

High-level learning shouldn't be confined to universities. Learning in an interactive group setting should be as affordable and accessible as a good meal, a movie, or a museum visit.

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(35 Reviews)
Psychosexual Cinema Club | Psycho

Natasha L.

Attended: Psychosexual Cinema Club | Psycho

Absolutely loved this 2-part class! Really looking forward to more cinema classes with this teacher.

The Rise and Fall of the American Republic


Attended: The Rise and Fall of the American Republic

Maybe I didn't read the description right. I was looking for more of an intro/rough overview of American history, being from Canada. The instructor seemed to be doing more of a stream of consciousness thing, without notes, peppered with reference to things he didn't explain. Might have been a good class for someone who knew a lot about this history. He seemed smart and passionate.

Pleasures, Taboos, Magic

Allie M.

Attended: Pleasures, Taboos, Magic

LOVED this class. Jessica was incredibly knowledgeable. She presented beautiful images of modern advertisements and classical art and the juxtaposition of the two was fascinating. I would highly recommend her lectures and look forward to attending another.

That Fresh Sound: Modern Poetry, Kanye West

Beth G.

Attended: That Fresh Sound: Modern Poetry, Kanye West

Still rolling presenters ideas over in my head--for me, a mark of a worthwhile presentation.

The Psychology of Relationships

Ian S.

Attended: The Psychology of Relationships

Great class!

Woman as Other, Woman as Lover: The Search for Self


Attended: Woman as Other, Woman as Lover: The Search for Self

I've been to several Thinkolio events at this point. The room at The Strand was a cool place. The beer could've been a little less foamy but otherwise good! This is the second time I've gone to a class with Jamie, the professor. She likes to ask the class questions and has a sort of think out loud style of teaching that lets you see how she views the subject. She seems very approachable and dedicated to her material!

The Psychology of Relationships


Attended: The Psychology of Relationships

Speaker was engaging with a good mix of solid information and wit. Check in was a little slow because since so many people signed up, so appreciated that they waited a few minutes to start.

What Would Buffy Do? Radical Feminism and the Slayer

Kathie R.

Attended: What Would Buffy Do? Radical Feminism and the Slayer

Venue was great but no drinks for the non-wine person. Speaker seemed rushed and there was much more she wanted to say but kept referring to time constraints. Seemed like she was under pressure to finish and lecture started almost 20 minutes late. Subject itself was great but needed more time.

Nabokov's Lolita: American Morals & Aesthetic Bliss

David S.

Attended: Nabokov's Lolita: American Morals & Aesthetic Bliss

Great class and great discussion led by the professor.

Playing in the Tao


Attended: Playing in the Tao

Anonymous gave this class 4 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

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