Silvia Gonzalez

Silvia Gonzalez

Port Washington, Port Washington, New York
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I’ve had an accounting practice for 16 years which has given me a great deal of exposure to the way people manage their finances. I’ve listened to my clients reveal their underlying fears about their businesses and the financial difficulties they’ve encountered. I’ve learned the importance of focusing on the individual as a whole rather than just managing their books.

I’ve also been actively meditating daily for the past 13 years.  Five of those years, I practiced and volunteered regularly at Dharma Drum Retreat Center, a Buddhist Chan Center founded by Chan Master Shen Yeng. Under the gentle guidance of Chang Wen Fashi (now David Listen), I learned how to listen to others instead of wanting to fix their problems. He taught me to sit quietly and allow others to see how they had contributed to their circumstances and ultimately correct their reactions and responses to help themselves. Additionally, I have attended numerous intensive, silent retreats which further enhanced my ability to sit still and listen.

I’ve combined my life experiences with money, work, and meditation practice to bring you Wise Finances.

I welcome you to my classes and hope we can help each other on our paths. There are no chance encounters; I believe we were meant to be friends, so let’s get acquainted.

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Silvia Gonzalez
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Wise Finances (6-Week Workshop)
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