Angela Ambrosia

Teaches at Three Jewels

Angela is a personal life coach, teacher of dance, movement therapist, energy healer and facilitator of love and relationship workshops starting with the most important relationship – the relationship with the self.

Angela offers coaching and healing sessions to discover your innate desires, goals and spiritual purpose and devise a process that allows the self-love that moves you towards yours goals and desires.

With the support of many natural therapies, healing and coaching, Angela was able to find a new sense of self that she now shares with clients in her spiritual coaching and healing practice. By understanding the ups and downs of life and the basis of the negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions that stopped her from feeling her own personal power, she can facilitate others to overcome issues with poor self esteem and develop a strong life purpose. When we hold onto poor self esteem we block our spiritual purpose from being realized and from achieving the material goals we desire as well.

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