Cook Space

Cook Space

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, New York
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We wanted to create an environment where learning to cook was approached differently – where the focus is on learning by doing, using what you have, what’s in season – and most importantly by experimenting. By letting go of recipes and letting your confidence and instincts take over - plain and simple.


Though our Culinary Instructors are equipped with an arsenal of skills from their extensive backgrounds in professional kitchens and restaurants, our kitchen is no place for ego or intimidation. We are here to guide you, and to show you how to easily replicate restaurant techniques and mindsets at home, to help you cook from a place of confidence and instinct.


Developing culinary confidence is about playing with the process, exploring ingredients, and deepening your understanding of food - building and coaxing flavor out of ingredients. For us its not about adhering to recipes but rather letting go of them or using them as a guide or reference point.


We believe that cooking is creative. It's an imaginative, joyful, and improvisational act that both grounds us and sets us free. We also believe that food isn’t a culture sport but rather a valuable life skill that is as personal as it is important.

Reviews of Cook Space

(34 Reviews)
Mexican Brunch

Scott W.

Attended: Mexican Brunch

Food was fantastic with plenty of instructor interaction. Highly recommend!

Donut Making


Attended: Donut Making

This was a lot of fun. Cook Space was a warm and welcoming environment. We had a knowledgable instructor & helpful TAs. This would be great as a date or an outing with friends or coworkers.

Persian Cooking

Joanna N.

Attended: Persian Cooking

Loved the class, and the teacher Fatima was fantastic.

Bread Baking 101

Bryan S.

Attended: Bread Baking 101

A fun class and we definitely did learn more about baking bread. My only disappointment was that I thought that the class was stronger on demonstration than on hands-on experience. For example, at one point there were several simultaneous in-class activities and we divided into three groups with each doing one of them -- I would have liked to have tried all three, but I guess there really wasn't enough time. That said, the class was still great fun, the bread was wonderful, the shared meal at the end was really nice, and the instructors and assistants were all very friendly and helpful.

Bread Baking 101


Attended: Bread Baking 101

The instructors were great! Real experts and good Enthusiastic teachers. I learned more than I thought I would.

Pie Baking 101

Faridah C.

Attended: Pie Baking 101

Hi, This class cost $90 per person and was way too much for the quality of the content. I have done a few of these classes now and this class was definitely the worst: - Way too many people for the size of space. we were unable to cook without treading on everyone's toes. - We did not make our own pastry or pie, instead we paired up and we made one pastry between the two of us and a pie between several of us. - We did not make the filling, instead someone made the filling while we made the pastry, so you were unable to have a full experience. - We were not able to take a pie home each. - There were a few pies available but no boxes to take them home in. Overall the experience was a waste of money.

Szechuan Cuisine

Drew A.

Attended: Szechuan Cuisine

The class was a lot of fun and the food was delicious! Having the recipes sent over email is very helpful.

Better Brunch

David G.

Attended: Better Brunch

This was a fun Saturday afternoon activity. The atmosphere and space was really nice and we enjoyed the small class size. We learned some really delicious, new, healthy recipes that we got to enjoy at the end of class along with coffee and mimosas. This class is not the best for anyone that wants to learn any technical cooking skills, as it was mostly about combining and measuring ingredients.

Meals for Mental Health

Jennifer S.

Attended: Meals for Mental Health

Wonderful experience !!!

Holiday Cookie Workshop


Attended: Holiday Cookie Workshop

It was fun for my daughter and I. Thank you!

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Cook Space
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